The Stories of British Mammals with Nick Martin

From bats to badgers, seals to stags, discover the greatest and smallest of our British mammals.  Nick will explore woodlands, farmlands, the coasts and the mountains searching for the exciting animals that can be so elusive, but fascinating. 

We’ll find out what makes these varied creatures so special, their relationships with other wildlife, with us and their history in this country. 


The last time that Nick Martin spoke to the BOS was to show us, with his excellent photographs, some of the interesting places and creatures of the Forest of Dean.


This new paper, published on World Curlew Day on 21 April 2022, describes the current and historical status of the Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata in an area of 1200 square kilometres centred on Banbury.   Click here to link to the paper Read more ...

A survey where observers are each given a randomly selected 1km square and record all the species encountered and numbers of each for a minimum period of 2 hours between 9am and noon. Read more ...

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