The study of our local birds is the lifeblood of the BOS and we encourage all members to participate in bird recording, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced birder. 

The BOS maintains a list of all of the species seen within the BOS observeration area - the Systematic List. This is used to guide the records submitted for each species. 

Information on the birds within the BOS is collected by a series of surveys and ongoing observations. See the Fieldwork page for further details.

Members receive a monthly newsletter containing details on recent notable bird sightings, along with other local bird related news. Historic newsletters can be viewed here: Newsletters

The BOS contributed to the BTO Bird Atlas 2007-2011 via its ongoing surveys (see Fieldwork) and specific contribution by our members. Our Oxforshire data has been collated along with other regional surveys to produce the Thames and Chiltern Bird Atlas. This atlas presents Abundance and Distribution maps on a finer scale than that of the national BTO atlas.

The BOS covers a diverse range of habitats, from low level floodlands of the river Cherwell to the heights of Edge Hill and the Cotswolds. It also spans three major river systems of England - the Thames, Severn and Great Ouse. For a map of the area, see BOS area map. Read more ...

The BOS Systematic List is a record of all the bird species that have been observed in the BOS area, currently standing at 276 species as of December 2019. The list and the status of each species up to 2012 is published in the book Birds of the Heart of England by Trevor Easterbrook. The list excludes sub-species, escapes and unverified records. The species are listed in the current BOU (IOC) order. Read more ...

In March 2020 the BTO launched their Chaffinch Appeal to raise funds to help them research why the UK population of Chaffinch is undergoing a significant decline. Read more ...

The AGM and Quiz.

Members will automatically be sent details of how to join this meeting via Zoom. 

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