The BOS produce a variety of publications based on our survey work. These include our newsletters, annual and 10 year reports.

The BOS has published annual reports since 1966. Each report summarises the activities of the society over the year and a review of the bird sightings. Read more ...

The BOS has produced a monthly newsletter since Jan 1956. All members receive a copy of the newsletter each month. It contains the recent bird sightings and other articles of interest to members. Past newsletters are available to download for each year from the files below. The newsletters have been compiled into an annual report with an index at the beginning so you can quickly locate the newsletter for each month. Note that some December and January newsletters have missing pages where the society's accounts have been removed.

Bird Trends in the Heart of England 1977-2016

This BOS report reviews the population trends of Farmland and Woodland species in south central England compared to the whole of England for the 40 year period 1977 to 2016. Read more ...

The BOS gave a short presentation at the TVERC 2018 Spring Recorder Conference on the state of farmland birds in the BOS. You can view the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation by clicking here: Farmland Birds in the Heart of England 2018.

Birds of the Heart of England

The product of annual surveys since 1952, this book documents remarkable changes in the distribution of many birds through the use of clear colour maps, species accounts and a variety of illustrations. Read more ...


The BOS Ten Year reports summarise the bird sightings and activities of the society in each ten-year period since the society's foundation in 1952. No reports were produced for the periods 1995-2001 or 2002-2011, but this period is covered in the 60-year report Birds of the Heart of England

Prior to the foundation of the BOS, bird recording in the local area was carried out by individual naturalists. A key figure is O.V. Aplin, who, in conjunction with family members, compiled the first systematic list of birds of the area now covered by the BOS. Key historic publications used by the BOS are listed here. These publications are still important since they provide evidence on the abundance and distribution of species at that time. We can use this information to help understand the changes in the populations of the species within our area.

In March 2020 the BTO launched their Chaffinch Appeal to raise funds to help them research why the UK population of Chaffinch is undergoing a significant decline. Read more ...

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