The Birds of Oxfordshire and its Neighbourhood was compiled by the Reverends Andrew and Henry Matthews and published as a series of articles in the Zoologist from 1849-1850. The information is derived from their own observations in the vicinity of Weston-on-the-Green, where they lived, and also from correspondents in Abingdon, Fringford and Chipping Norton.

The Matthews attest to enumerating 232 birds in their list, out of 346-7 on the British List at that time. O.V. Aplin listed 242 species. Not all of the species listed by the Matthews are now accepted.

Whilst not as authorative as the Aplin's list, the information is very useful for providing even earlier evidence on the species abundance in that time. Sadly, like a lot of ornithology of the time, most of the evidence came from the shooting of birds, even of rarities.

A digital copy of the book can be downloaded and read from this link: The Birds of Oxfordshire and its Neighbourhood.

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