Lord Lilford (Thomas Littleton Powys, 4th Baron Lilford) published the Notes on the Birds of Northamptonshire and Neighbourhood in 1895. Lilford was a contemporary of O.V. Aplin and the president of the British Ornithologists' Union. This well illustrated book, in two volumes, is a systematic list of 227 species recorded in or near to Northamptonshire. It provides the evidence of sightings within the county and beyond, along with more general information on the species.

Whilst Lilford professed not to being a scientist, this is a useful historical reference for the information it provides on apparent abundance and distribution for each species within Northamptonshire. Like Aplin's book on Oxfordshire, it notes the disappearance of Raven, Buzzard and Red Kite. It is is interesting to read that Turtle Doves became more common in the area in the mid-19C, with a note that its range was extending northwards.

Use these links to download and read each volume: The Birds of Northamptonshire, vol.1 and The Birds of Northamptonshire, vol.2.

This new paper, published on World Curlew Day on 21 April 2022, describes the current and historical status of the Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata in an area of 1200 square kilometres centred on Banbury.   Click here to link to the paper Read more ...

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