Updated January 2021

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, the BOS is holding all Indoor Meetings via Zoom.  Instructions for joining these meetings will be sent to all members a few days prior to each meeting.

We hope to reschedule our talks in the future.

Please adhere to all Government restrictions and advice regarding travel and social gatherings. While bird watching is permissible and even beneficial for mental and physical health, please be sensitive to the feelings of landowners and your impact on local communities. Please help foster good relationships with local communities for the future. Please continue to submit your records even if just from your garden.

We urge you to check the latest government guidelines regularly.

Stay safe and keep well.

The Spirit of Shackleton – South Georgia Wildlife  -  Graham Lenton

Graham Lenton has a PhD in Ecology and has lived and worked in Malawi, Sudan and Malaysia. He has published many articles and photographs on natural history in particular birds. He will be speaking on The Spirit of Shackleton, Wildlife of South Georgia. Read more ...

A survey where observers are each given a randomly selected 1km square and record all species and numbers of each for a minimum period of 2 hours between 9am and noon. Read more ...

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