Short Eared Owls - John Calladine, Senior Research Ecologist with the  BTO

Unusual amongst predatory birds, the numbers of breeding Short-eared Owls have declined markedly over recent decades.  The talk will describe recent attempts to better understand what has arguably been one of the least understood birds in Britain and explore how that information could be used to secure their future.

Included will be new and some very surprising findings on habitat use, movements and behaviour from ongoing satellite telemetry studies.  John has had a lifelong interest in birds and natural history and has worked in conservation and associated research for 37 years.  Much of this time has been spent in the British uplands with the odd foray into seabirds, woodlands and farmland.  John has worked for the BTO for 19 years and is a Senior Research Ecologist based in Stirling where he leads research programmes on upland land use, waders and still with the odd foray into seabirds, woodland and farmland.


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