Five go to Taiwan!!  -  Colin Wilkinson

In autumn 2017 The Franklins, The Lewises and Colin spent two weeks travelling round this interesting and picturesque island just off mainland China to seek out the many and varied birds and other wildlife - not least the 27 endemic birds.

It's an easygoing place to be.  The scenery includes everything from the saltpans and fishfarms on the plains to the west right up to rugged, forest covered mountains (up to 4,000m) forming the spine of the island and dropping more-or-less straight into the sea to the east.  The people are friendly and very welcoming, the food is delicious and the roads are brilliant (provided they have not had any landslides recently caused by the regular typhoons and/or the occasional earthquake).  


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A survey where observers are each given a randomly selected 1km square and record all species and numbers of each for a minimum period of 2 hours between 9am and noon. Read more ...

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