Wader Quest – Supporting Shorebird Conservation - Rick & Elis Simpson

Rick and Elis Simpson are a husband and wife team who dedicate their lives to promoting wader conservation.  Rick is a lifelong birder, writer and artist and worked for some time as a bird guide in the UK, Spain and Brazil.  Elis is a keen photographer whose main interest is birds and wildlife in general.

In Brazil they worked together promoting the cause of the conservation of the Atlantic rain forest, particularly among children in the less well-off sections of the community and in schools.

Returning to the UK in 2012 they were looking for a new project.  The result was Wader Quest a non-profit, entirely voluntary, charity dedicated to raising awareness about the problems that waders face across the world and to raising funds to support the Community Wader Conservation projects that protect them.

For those who have not heard of Wader Quest this talk introduces the organisation through the beauty and diversity of the waders to be found around the world, some of which are quite surprising, and is liberally scattered with stunning photos and information about the birds and some amusing personal anecdotes from Rick and Elis' travels to see waders.  It is both entertaining and informative, in particular, emphasising the acute crisis that is facing wader conservation and how we can all help to combat it.  Two halves of 45 mins each; can be flexible (break optional).


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