Wild Bees Matter – Roselle Chapman, Wild Oxfordshire

Bumblebees and other wild bees are hugely important, but they remain the unsung heroes of food production, gardens and the countryside. Worryingly, they continue to decline in number and range. In this presentation I will explain the drivers of the decline (loss of habitat, pesticides, the spread of disease) and suggest actions for everybody to help ensure a future for these vital insects. Many of the actions we can take to protect one pollinator species, such as flower rich habitat creation and reduction in pesticide use, will benefit biodiversity in general, including birds.

Wild Oxfordshire is a local conservation charity with a vision for Oxfordshire’s environment to be rich in nature, healthy and sustainable for the benefit and enjoyment of all. Our focus is on bringing organisations and community groups together to work collaboratively and make this vision a reality. Roselle Chapman joined the team in 2017 as Community Ecologist. Roselle’s fascination for wildlife was incubated whilst growing up on a farm in Norfolk. She has a BSc Hons in Marine Biology which lead to an exciting stint in Mauritius and the Seychelles working on island restoration projects, including the Pink Pigeon reintroduction programme. On return she studied bumblebee ecology and genetics for her Ph.D. and has since worked for CEH and ZSL.

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