Recording Birds in the BOS - How, What, Where and Why?

A combined presentation by Mike Curnow, Mike Pollard, Alan Peters and Frances Buckel.

We hope this meeting will encourage more members to record bird sightings in our area and take part in our surveys.  

Mike Curnow and Mike Pollard will talk through the system used for submitting monthly records, including the recently updated Guide for Observers and the recording spreadsheet.  Alan Peters will describe how the Winter and Summer Random Square Surveys are carried out and what the Short and Long Day Counts involve.  Frances Buckel will bring members up to date with BTO surveys particularly the Breeding Bird Survey.  We will also show how the results of the surveys are used to help further conservation of our birds and wildlife habitats.  We will finish off the evening with a discussion of the future direction of our survey work and how information about unusual bird sightings is shared.


Construction work on HS2 Phase One is due to commence in 2018, with completion scheduled for 2026. HS2 crosses the BOS area from Brackley to Southam via Chipping Warden. Read more ...

A survey where observers are each given a randomly selected 1km square and record all species and numbers of each for a minimum period of 2 hours between 9am and noon. Read more ...

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