The Wytham Tit Project - Friederike Hillemann (Freddy) from the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology in Oxford

Since 1947, researchers from the University of Oxford have been monitoring populations and studying the ecology and social behaviour of - particularly - great tits, as well as blue tits, coal tits and marsh tits in Wytham Woods near Oxford.

Modern technology allows them to track individuals throughout the day and study various aspects of their behavioural ecology, movement patterns, social relationships, and social processes in evolutionary ecology.

For her PhD, Freddy studies why individuals from different species form groups, using the wintering interspecific foraging flocks of tits as a model system for her experimental work.

(Ella Cole our programmed speaker is unfortunately not able to be with us having recently given birth! However we are very grateful and lucky that Freddy agreed to step in and come and talk to us.)


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