Nigel Adams Hedgelaying and Countryside Management

Nigel Adams grew up on a large farm on South Oxfordshire’s Chiltern Hills where his father was manager of 1,200 acres of mixed farmland.  On leaving college he started work for the then Nature Conservancy Council at a local reserve then became a warden for the National Trust in the Chilterns. He spent time as a time as a tree surgeon, as a reserve manager for English Nature and then came a move to Devon where he became Head Warden for the National Trust on Dartmoor.  He has now returned to the Chiltern Hills to be self-employed, carrying out a broad range of countryside management tasks and advising land owners on how to improve the nature conservation value of their land.  He also has 120 sheep which he grazes on SSSI land.

Adam is an active hedgelayer competing at local and national championships for over 35 years and he is a member of the National Hedgelaying Society and sits on the Hedgerow steering group Hedgelink.  He has been involved in hedgerow research projects and gives many presentations and training days throughout this country and Europe on hedgerow management.  He also carries out hedgerow management plans for farms and estates throughout the UK. 

The presentation will look briefly at the history and importance of our hedged landscape and show us the many types of hedge that exist in our countryside.  From this Nigel will introduce the hedge as a dynamic entity that is mostly held under control artificially by our management.  He will suggest that over management or even complete neglect are the biggest threats facing the future of our hedgerows and that by acknowledging that there is a life cycle of a hedge, which we seem to have forgotten, we can aim to keep our hedgerows healthy for future generations to enjoy.

This new paper, published on World Curlew Day on 21 April 2022, describes the current and historical status of the Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata in an area of 1200 square kilometres centred on Banbury.   Click here to link to the paper Read more ...

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